Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Think This About Sums It Up

So, it's taken me a week to really figure out where I stand on the series finale of Lost, and I'm in a pretty good spot now. I'll admit I've been taking some serious so-called "wiki walks" through Lostpedia all week, and seriously want to watch the whole thing over again as soon as it comes out on Blu-ray come August. (Come on, employment!) I was a little upset on Sunday night, but now I'm back to being, as they say, "all-in" with this show.

That said, and even though I'm not now, nor was I ever, in the "I demand answers to EVERYTHING" camp, I only really wanted TWO answers, this is pretty good stuff right here from

Thanks to my buddy Wes for hipping me to this on Facebook.

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