Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Lost Island Actually Kamp Krusty?

Over the last six seasons of TV, I have avoided about 98% of the discussion involving Lost, both off and online. I am absolutely enthralled with the show, but never felt like I needed anyone else's input on it to enjoy the living hell out of it. I'd rather just let the show do its thing. I was one of those people that actually loved every answer leading to more questions, so I avoided all manner of spoilers and speculation. I didn't need to engage in any of that as I was sure, especially after the finite schedule for ending the show had been released, that it would all get taken care of.

After the final season premiere aired, I admit that I peeked at a couple of forums to see what the general buzz was. (BAD Goat!) I was kind of amazed that there were people upset that all of the island's mysteries hadn't been resolved after one night. "These people just don't get it," I thought, as I resolved to keep my optimism in place that all would be revealed in due time.

Answers Are Coming… Answers Are Coming… Answers ARE Coming…

Sure, I was a little concerned that the show had introduced an entirely new set of characters, and even an entirely new reality. Yes, there were only so many episodes left. And yes, the next few episodes dealt WAY more with the "Altverse" than I, or anyone else, would have liked. Still, I remained confident that the layers of the onion would start coming off at a furious pace at some point.


Now, with just two and a half hours of TV left for Lost to tell me a story (which will probably be more like 90 minutes of actual show), I have to admit that I'm a little concerned. There have, as usual, been a lot of answers that beget questions over the last few weeks, but isn't it about time to start answering questions with, well, answers? I'm not looking for super hardcore, midichlorian-type explanations of things that we shouldn't necessarily understand. I just want some gaps filled in. Is that so wrong?

In all honesty, the only two items I have left on my own personal "MUST BE ANSWERED OR I WILL BE PISSED" checklist are:

  • What about the Dharma Initiative?
  • WTF with Walt?

The entire "History" episodes over the last few weeks have been amazing, in my opinion. In fact, a few more of those throughout the season, and I think everybody would be a lot happier (especially in place of ANOTHER episode demonstrating how Kate thinks of herself first all the time).

I'm still sitting in the corner repeating my mantra, and looking forward to the big blowout on Sunday night, hoping that at least a whole bunch will be revealed. I'm just hoping that when the answers do show up, they're a little bit more satisfying than Damon Lindelof introducing Carlton Cuse in a makeshift clown costume.

You didn't actually think you'd get REAL answers, did you?

Please, TV, don't let me down!

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