Friday, May 28, 2010

Will They REALLY Be Throwbacks This Time?

So, the news became all officially official today that the Washington Capitals will play in the next installment of the now annual Winter Classic on new year's day in 2011.

While those who know me know that I will most likely not be in attendance, there's one piece of information from Team President and Owner Dick Patrick that really piqued my interest:

“I think it’s very cool for them, I think it’s cool for everyone,” says Patrick. “The Reebok people have been down [to Washington] with the league people to go over thoughts on creating a jersey just for this game for the Washington Capitals. It will be a throwback; it will be reminiscent of the early days of the Caps. I am not sure if the pants will be white or red or blue, but they will be different.”

Me, being the kind of person who, let's say, enjoys his fair share of merchandise from time to time, finds this to be a pretty cool piece of news. That said, it doesn't come without at least a shred of concern.

To be blunt, I hope the folks at Reebok and the Capitals are working to make this an honest-to-goodness "throwback" sweater, complete with individually sewn letters for the logo on the front and the word "WASHINGTON" embroidered separately above over the left half of the team name. And most certainly NOT the replica-looking things, with the whole logo contained in a tiny applique, that Reebok has been trying to pass off as "Vintage" the last few years.

Or, to put it the way I did in a recent message board post, "Please let them do this up right. I'm still 99.99999999999999991% never setting buttock in Pittsburgh for a hockey game again, but I will be a total merch-whore if these things are done right."

Original images from me (left) and the Washington Capitals (right).

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