Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Home Stand That Was: One Goat's Opinion
Home Games 35–37 - March 9–13, 2011

It feels like there's been a lot of stuff written about the Caps over the last few days, so I'll just jump into it and keep it (kinda) brief.

On The Ice
The Caps had a blowout victory against an Edmonton team that they should have beaten in a blowout. This might not sound momentous, but it's something that Caps fans have not necessarily been used to seeing at any point in the last few seasons. The better news was that they built on that drubbing by winning a tight game against a desperate division rival and gutting out an OT win against last year's Cup Champions (both games featuring what I wouldn't jump to call balanced officiating, at least from my perspective). All in all, it was a pretty swanky three-game stand for the home team and the fans.

In The Stands
Each game was celebrated as a continuation of the sellout streak on the big screen, but there were, again, plenty of empty seats visible from my vantage point. Those who ventured to F Street on Wednesday night were involved in one of the most party-type atmospheres since opening night against the Devils, and the Friday night crowd was up to the task of stirring the Caps on to victory.

Having a game start at what felt like 11:30am on Sunday was not exactly the best recipe for raucousness, and there were way too many Blackhawks fans in the house. That said, when things started drawing to their conclusion, the effects of an early Sunday start began to wear off and the noise level reflected it. Anger always helps, and the stripes provided enough of that to shake off the haze. In the end, the ovation for Knuble's OT GWG was pretty thunderous.

Post-game I ran into Nestor Aparicio from WNST up in Baltimore. We chatted for a bit, and he mentioned that they had coordinated a bus trip from Charm City to see the game, and wondered how Caps fans in the 495 area would receive those from the 695 area. I basically told him that it didn't matter where they're from as long as they were rooting for the guys in red once inside, nobody's checking ZIP codes at the door.

Oh yeah, and in case you hadn't heard, DJ Pauly D was there to beat that beat up in person on Sunday. Although I'm still trying to wrap my head around how a guy whose song is based on some kind of "Guido Pride" thing was playing at ShamrockFest. Puzzling.

Above Our Heads
The Caps Game Entertainment crew caught me off guard this time around. Once I think I still had my soda straw in my mouth, another I was leaning over chatting to someone. Well played, gentlemen. I gotta be on my toes these days.

I've forgotten which game it was (would it kill you to jot down a note?), but on one of the evenings, when the Caps scored in the third period to take a lead, the time left on the clock was 13:37. If you don't understand the significance of that, congratulations. You haven't wasted too much of your life online. Heh!

And So…
Eight wins in a row sure feels significantly better than eight losses in a row. No reason to stop now, right? RIGHT?!?!

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